Remote DS3, DS1, 2-wire, xDSL Test Access Switch

The GTAS-64 is a complete Remote Test Access Switching System addressing both 4-wire and 2-wire Digital and Analog services in a single 1U package.

The GTAS-64 is a complete Remote Test Access Switching System addressing 32 complete DS1 circuits in each 1U chassis.

The GTAS-6 is a complete Remote Test Access Switching System addressing 6 complete DS3 circuits in each 1U chassis.

Common solutions to centralized test access switching equipment are complex multi-component systems, which provide equally complex and proprietary interface and management software. These 'intelligent' active switching systems run critical circuits through two sets of active circuitry and complex backplane bus architectures. This process reduces circuit reliability due to the increased risk of component and system failures. The very system intended to maintain service actually reduces service reliability! These complex network managed solutions also drive up system costs and size due to the sheer number of multi-card components.

GUISYS believes that a more reliable and efficient solution is realized by a passive matrix switch with optional test heads in a cascade-able chassis. This passive system utilizes significantly less components, lowers costs and improves system reliability. Building on this core chassis is a creative daisy chain user interface and test access port architecture that simplifies system installation and expansion. Integration and use of a simple command line interface (CLI) accessed by any standard VT100 terminal eases system utilization. Furthermore, a creative architecture providing optional integration of comprehensive digital and analog test systems eliminates additional costs and your valuable rack space.


Complete highly-integrated DS3 and 4-wire/2-wire Remote Test Access Switches

Dynamic 4-wire/2-wire DS1/xDSL Test & Access System supports on-site config for:

  • Remote Test Access of any 1 of 32 4-wire circuits or
  • Remote Test Access of any 1 of 64 2-wire circuits

DS3 Test & Access System supports 6 DS3 circuits per chassis or cascade up to 384!

Metallic 'MLT' capabilities: Select and Open, Short or Ground any pair

External Test Jacks support use of external test systems

Optional Integrated Remote DS1 Test System

Optional Integrated Remote Signaling-TIMS Test System

Optional Integrated 56/64k DDS Remote Test Set

Saves Valuable Rack Space: 1U vs. 5U or more

Powerful features in Small High-value package

Simple Command Line Interface for Access & Control

Modular System Cascades to support more than 2000 4-wire or 4000 2wire circuits